Our drive

Competence, Experience, Innovative spirit.

Our claim

C-IAM GmbH, with its headquarters in Hamburg and Bonn, offers a unique IAM solution through managed services, which makes identity and access management feasible even for small and medium-sized enterprises. The system is not only particularly profitable, but can also be adapted to suit individual organizational structures and processes.

Where does the idea for standardized and therefore optimized authorization management come from? Founder and CEO Jamshed Kharkan worked for many years for a company that developed IAM on-premise solutions for its customers. What really concerned him was the strikingly long duration of the projects. Some development phases took years before the system was used. When the system was first used, the costs were enormous. And an unthinkable investment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Kharkan wanted to change this and started developing an innovative system in 2015 that automates processes and at the same time significantly reduces the project duration. Two years later, with C-IAM GmbH, he was able to offer a system that is unique on the market and that fulfills all the necessary requirements at low cost.

Today C-IAM GmbH employs approx. 25 people and with its strong system as well as first-class consulting and numerous partners in the field of IAM is working for customers from various industries.

I am convinced that small and medium-sized enterprises significantly benefit from our idea. We offer managed services and a tailor-made IAM solution that was previously not possible. With demonstrable added value for every company-internal IT area.

Jamshed Kharkan (CEO)