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We analyze your compliance situation and create transparency

ITSiBe as Service

Requirements such as MaRisk, BAIT, GDPR, or ISO 27001 pose a particular challenge for many companies. The responsibility to meet these requirements through company-wide standards and procedures typically lies within the remit of the Chief Security Officer or an IT Security Officer. C-IAM Security Consulting advises and supports C-level executives and security officers in their implementation.

Are the existing measures effective? What gaps exist within the company? How can you reduce the risk of non-compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or industry standards while creating added value?

We support you in efficiently identifying existing risks, minimizing incidents, and improving procedures and policies through:

  • comprehensive monitoring
  • identifying risks and gaps
  • targeted recommendations for remediation

Our security specialists help your company optimize compliance. Our experts draw on over 25 years of experience.

Compliance Report as Service

Compliance Report as a Service - Our Approach

  • Creation of controls for assessing compliance reports
  • Assessment of applications within the company
  • Regular management reports
  • Iterative improvement of report quality with operational data
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Overview of Our Services

Control Framework

An effective monitoring is based on a control framework that supports the individual needs of your company. Our experts create this framework, which serves as the basis for assessing compliance and risk.

Application Analysis

Experts work with you to determine the criticality and vulnerability of applications in your company. They analyze authorization structures and processes, thereby creating transparency.

Management Report

Die C-IAM Security Consultants werten in regelmäßigen Abständen die Compliance und das Risiko all Ihrer Applikationen aus und erstellen einen Management Report. Dieser dient der Risikoerkennung und
-beseitigung für zielgerichtete Entscheidungen.

Progress through adaptation

Durch die iterative Erhöhung der Datenqualität mit Hilfe der erhobenen, operationalen Daten, gewinnen Sie die Transparenz, die es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihre Handlungsgrundlagen stetig zu verbessern. Somit erhöhen Sie schrittweise Ihre Unternehmenssicherheit.