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What is IAM?

BBSI, GDPR, ECB and other Institutions would recommend an IAM System

In order to comply with various IT Security Standards such as BSI, GDPR and ECB, it's recommended to use an IAM System. IAM stands for “Identity and Access Management“. It’s a tool for automated and centralized administration of all users and their access rights (authorization), which are stored in the company’s IT systems. They are always arranged according to the individual security guidelines – called “Compliance”. Thus, the operation can be sure that only those, which are allowed so, have access to data and processes. For this reason and other essential advantages, an IAM system is founded in the BSI IT baseline security and

C-IAM GmbH offers a unique IAM solution that finally makes Identity and Access Management affordable for medium-sized companies as well. With our two products (MY-CAMP and MY-CAMP2 Identity Suite), we offer an IAM solution for businesses looking to build their own IAM infrastructure as well as those looking to use our public cloud infrastructure to reduce significant costs.

MY-CAMP can do more: Five reasons for a MY-CAMP IAM system

  • Security
  • Automated processes
  • Documentation und Reporting
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Ease the job for the IT administration

MY-CAMP2 Identity Provider added value

MY-CAMP2 is revolutionizing the possibilities that especially medium-sized companies have in terms of identity and access management. Discover all the benefits we are providing you with!

Safety guaranteed!

C-IAM GmbH focuses on maximum security for all customer data. And that is official. Because our cloud-based IAM solution is certified according to "IT Security made in Germany"

All customer data is stored exclusively in German data centres and is 100% subject to the German Data Protection Act. In addition, only HP servers and HP 3PAR storage are used for separate storage. Your data will be additionally separated and encrypted by the server cloud. For you, this means: your data is fully secured. And even in the event of a breakdown, the work can be continued immediately. For sure.


IT-Security made in Germany

Hosted in Germany

Vertrag & SLA nach deutschem Recht

MY-CAMP reference program

Use our IAM solution for free! For small and medium-sized companies we have developed the reference program "DSGVO 2019" The goal is a win-win situation: You get a free right of use for a period of 6 months. And we get to use your name and a success story as a reference. Interested?
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