MY-CAMP® Identity Provider

The Identity and Access Management solution - on premise or as a managed service – C-IAM finally also gives small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to achieve internal compliance without high costs and at the same time to benefit from maximum efficiency.

Our USPs

Managed services from MY-CAMP make IT operations for medium-sized and small companies efficient, transparent and compliant, at predictable costs and risks - so that you can concentrate on what you do best: your core business.

Short implementation time

Implementation of the IAM standard, including 3 target systems such as AD, HR, DB, from 15 days

Graphical workflow engine

Using a BPMN 2.0 engine, workflows can be graphically designed and transferred directly to MY-CAMP as XML code - without any programming effort.

Low priced infrastructure

As a managed service, companies can save on own infrastructure as well as operation and maintenance costs. Only one virtual machine is required on premise or as an appliance, in addition to a single port activation on the firewall.

Fair prices

No hidden costs! The subscription per user and month includes: All user licenses and connectors, solution-oriented standard support, lifelong updates / upgrades, new standard functions and features as well as secure hosting in Germany

Customer IAM

MY-CAMP is both a corporate and a customer IAM for the management of customers or partners

Made in Germany

MY-CAMP is the first German IAM product that has been consistently created using the latest cloud technology to extend the value chain - Made in Germany

Hosted in Germany

Made in Germany verpflichtet zu Hosted in Germany! MY-CAMP wird ausschließlich in deutschen Rechenzentren redundant gehosted, gesetzeskonform und sicher unter Einhaltung sämtlicher regulatorischen Normen und Verordnungen wie EU-DSGVO, BDSG, BSI, IT-Sicherheitsgesetz u.v.a. MY-CAMP ist TÜV- sowie Teletrust zertifiziert

Fair employer

C-IAM GmbH is a German company that pays taxes and social security contributions for its employees in Germany. In compliance with minimum wage regulations and labor laws, we are committed to our employees, our customers and German companies in solidarity

MY-CAMP® Identity provider added value

MY-CAMP® revolutioniert die Möglichkeiten, die speziell mittelständische Unternehmen in Sachen Identity and Access Management haben. Entdecken Sie hier alle Vorteile!