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MY-CAMP® Analytics

With Analytics, managers and auditors can get an analysis of the current compliance situation at any time in order to protect the “intellectual properties” and identify corporate risks at an early stage. The meaningful graphics provide information at a glance on pressing questions such as: "Who has access to what - why and where ?!"

Compliance support

The analysis of user authorizations and risk potential decisively helps with the fulfillment of security and compliance requirements. The transparency created in this way is the basis for fulfilling standards such as those derived from the BSI basic protection catalog, EU GDPR, BDSG, SOX, ISO 27001, MaRisk or PCI-DSS

Risk assessment

The analysis of access rights can be used to identify risks that arise from incorrect authorizations, such as authorizations for groups with global access, personal data, access to research and development data or unpublished patents

Privileged Access Detection

Analytics can show you which privileged accounts can access which business-critical data or manage critical IT systems. This is essential to answer pressing questions such as: Who owns this account and when does the privilege expire or when is recertification necessary?

Authorization overview

It is often difficult to trace which employees, groups, roles or operators have access to mission-critical data after years of growth. Analytics creates maximum transparency from the perspective of the organization, a group, a target system or an employee.

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