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MY-CAMP® Developed for small and medium-sized enterprises

IT is not an end in itself but part of the value chain of small and medium-sized enterprises - with managed services as a central enabler. The demand for various IT services and for transparency regarding assigned authorizations is increasing steadily. Companies that want to combine the routine tasks of their IT operations with user lifecycle processes and want to keep a regulatory overview, opt for an IAM with the latest features - quickly implementable, always available, operable on any platform.

MY-CAMP, the corporate access management provider, is an IAM standard software tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Its wide range of processes, IAM services and analysis functions guarantee extremely short implementation times with maximum ease of use via user-friendly interfaces for administrators, end users and security officers.

With MY-CAMP, employees with current authorizations are supplied comfortably and compliant from day one via standard and approval processes. Provisioning and deprovisioning of classic IT services such as AD services, mail, sharepoint, file services, SAP, teams, MS365 or other cloud services are automated and thus ease the burden for IT operations, help desk and organization to benefit essential tasks - focus on the core business.

Als Corporate-IAM zur Verwaltung von internen Mitarbeitern oder als mandantenfähiges Customer-IAM für Kunden/Partner erfüllt MY-CAMP alle Anforderungen an ein modernes, ubiquitäres Berechtigungs-Management – sicher, kostengünstig, als Managed Service oder Onpremise.

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  • Central user data management
  • User and role lifecycle management
  • User account provisioning & synchronization to target systems
  • SSO and multi-factor authentication
  • Mapping of multi-level roles, authorization and company hierarchy
  • Linking the rights with the departmental model
  • Support compliance and SOD
  • Multi-factor authentication


  • Set up and manage external employees
  • Set up and manage technical users
  • Allocation of roles and rights
  • Temporary allocation of agencies
  • Lock and unlock identities
  • Set passwords
  • Management of vacation requests
  • And many more: Contact us!


  • Numerous standard connectors
  • CSV support for HR and Org. Import
  • Various database connectors
  • SOAP and rest support

8 Reasons for MY-CAMP®


Internet access and go - information and workflows are available anytime, anywhere.


Adjustments as needed and additional resources if necessary.

Cost savings

No high initial investments and no long-term capital commitment.


On-demand application for authorizations - no waiting for releases.

Attractive pricing model

Cost of use per month and depending on the number of users - ideally calculable.

Software updates

Software is updated centrally - users always access the latest version.

Audit security

Extensive evaluation options for auditors and auditors.


C-IAM offers its customers reliable 24x7 support