MY-CAMP Identity Suite

Private Cloud meets Appliance.
The clear alternative to On Premises solutions

MY-CAMP2 Identity Suite

The term appliance refers to a combination of hardware and software, which is designed specifically for a specific project. Unlike the public cloud, the appliance uses a ready-made software solution installed on an in-house server. MY-CAMP2 Identity Suite is our answer to complicated IAM infrastructures that are often used in companies.

Your benefits with MY-CAMP2

  • Fast and short-term commissioning
  • Easy operation through web interface
  • Predictable and calculable performance
  • Fast scalability: The infrastructure grows with your needs
  • Precisely coordinated modules and operating systems
  • No technical difficulties or incompatibilities due to optimally matched components

Identity Management

  • Central user data management
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • User Account Provisioning & Synchronisation
  • Central password management / synchronisation
  • Self service for user

Access Management

  • Support SSO systems
  • Rights Management
  • Depiction of multi-level company hierarchy
  • Depiction of multi-level roles
  • Depiction of departments
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Support for compliance and SOD


  • Administration Console with WEB GUI
  • Workflows for release mechanisms
  • Audit and Reporting
  • Various analysis tool