The clear alternative to On Premises solutions

Private or Public Cloud?


MY-CAMP: Software as a Service

C-IAM GmbH has the right IAM solution for every requirement: We offer you the opportunity to use ready-to-use software for your access and authorization management. Your data will be securely hosted in our public cloud in Germany. We offer this service with our product MY-CAMP. We are GDPR compliant and place great value on the security of your data. With MY-CAMP you start right away! No long development phases, profitable from day 1.

Discover the benefits of MY-CAMP


MY-CAMP²: On your servers

If you don’t have the opportunity to use our public cloud out of company-internal reasons, we offer you the perfect alternative with our product MY-CAMP². We implement our IAM software on your servers – on the spot in your company. Our team of consultants consists exclusively of experts who also provide you with 24/7 support after the successful implementation. Of course, your employees receive comprehensive training.

Discover the benefits of MY-CAMP²

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In the cloud. Clearly, at an advantage.

Maximum flexibility:

Internet access and go - Information and workflows are available anytime, anywhere


Adjustments as needed and, if necessary, additional resources. Your infrastructure grows with your company, no complex installations are required.

Software updates

The software is updated centrally: Their users automatically access the latest version. No years of migration and deployment efforts